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Professional Linux

Saving time and money with both large and small Linux installations.

Tempered Experience

Here at Madden we have been working with various flavors of Unix since 1991 and started running Linux heavily in 1999. We have tried and tested experience operating both small and large networks on a wide range of hardware. We have designed and built high performance, highly available hosting platforms that served tens of thousands of concurrent users on a limited budget. We've managed large desktop Linux installations, designed embedded Linux devices, built custom Linux distribuitons and migrated entire companies to the Linux platform.

Whether you have one machine running Linux or thousands, we can help. Contact us for more information on running Linux networks.

Low Maintenance Operations

A Linux network can be an operational nepenthe when finely tuned and run well. We focus on building networks that save operational budget in the long term, by rigourously automating routine processes and instituting monitoring that can anticipate problems before they happen.

The key to all technical operations is making sure that the resources you invest in your technical infrastructure are justified and appropriate. We can show you how to reduce the time you spend on your Linux network to less than a few hours a week.

Linux Support

Even the most hardened Linux experts can come across issues that seem to be intractable and take days or weeks to resolve. It might be a piece of hardware is not cooperating, a daemon that crashes with no recognizable pattern, or a third-party application that won't install.

We can help. Contact us and let us know what you need.

Is Linux Right For You?

People sometimes ask us, "Is Linux right for me? Do I need to know about Linux?". We answer by asking what applications they run and what features they need. The features you need dictate the applications and other software you'll purchase, and those applications will be designed to run on a specific operating system. If that operating system is Linux, then you'll need to run Linux.

We believe in using the right tools for the job. Linux is one of those tools, but it is just one tool in a large toolbox.

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